Innovation Drives us Forward

Prabir Mishra
3 min readNov 12, 2022


Innovation is crucial as it enables differentiation in the ecosystem. Today’s world is significantly reliant on innovation, given that older solutions may not be capable of addressing contemporary issues.

A McKinsey study revealed that 84% of executives believe their future success is dependent on innovation. While the term “innovation” is no longer just a buzzword, there are numerous reasons why successful startups prioritize it.

Innovation allows companies to stay relevant in a competitive market. The capability to solve critical problems is largely dependent on innovation; it’s needed now more than ever.

Pivot and innovation are closely related, with pivoting being a critical strategy for differentiation. We, at TRST01, embarked on our journey with a focus on use cases in Agriculture and Food, offering Blockchain solutions for end-to-end traceability. We naturally pivoted to include climate change as an additional focus. Climate change isn’t a standalone issue. Climate, Agriculture, and Food represent the most significant challenges for humanity today. Climate change threatens our ability to ensure global food security, eradicate poverty, and achieve sustainable development. Innovation is the key to confronting these challenges.

Innovation, now more than a mere buzzword, often takes time to translate into an organization’s growth.

What began as an idea in 2019 — creating a tech platform to address critical traceability challenges — evolved into the creation of three interdependent tech stacks: dMRV (Digital Measurement, Reporting, Verification), web2 (applications), and web3 (on-chain capabilities). These changes have unearthed opportunities for Climate Actions and the tackling of more significant global challenges.

Creativity is a crucial component of innovation. Though creativity and innovation may sound similar, they are not the same. Creativity breeds unique ideas, while innovation serves multiple purposes: it combats stagnation and promotes growth.

Innovation can take the form of a product, a business process, a new service line, a redesigned business flow, strategies, or a combination of these. Furthermore, it is essential to innovate our thought processes.

Innovation is key to TRST01. It has helped us navigate unforeseen business challenges and accelerated our business growth. Innovation has enabled us to adapt and evolve, distinguishing us from others.

At TRST01, innovation is integral to our success. We focus on innovating agile methodologies and creating value for global challenges on climate adaptation and resilience initiatives. These challenges include those faced by agriculture and food sectors. We innovate to create resilience, advancing critical adaptation initiatives through digital transformation and making them globally accessible.

TRST01’s Business Philosophy and Innovation

In an ever-evolving technology ecosystem, especially in the domain of emerging technology, it is crucial to implement a proper Technology Innovation Strategy. New-age emerging technology must proactively offer digital permanence and auditability to add value for stakeholders at every step. TRST01 specializes in aiding companies in developing robust solutions enabled by new-age emerging technology, best tailored to their specific business needs. TRST01 upholds the philosophy that technology and innovation should reach the common people, and that technology should benefit everyone. Trust, transparency, and traceability should not be exclusive to a few.



Prabir Mishra

Founder TRST01, Climate Tech, Web 3, Investment Banker, Mentor, Angel Investor, Strategic planner, Value Innovator.